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Upcycle a coat to a doll snow suit!

free pattern tutorial upcycle

18 inch Doll Snow Suit Upcycle Project  



I have created a tutorial and pattern for an 18 inch doll snowsuit.  This is my first tutorial and pattern I am sharing, so feed back is welcome.  It is bound to have mistakes, I apologize in advance.    For this project I have upcycled a used child's size 4-5 coat.   love to upcycle and create so this project was right up my alley!


What  you will need

Download the pattern for the coat here

~ Pajama Pant pattern from agplaythings  Note: this page has 6 downloads all free, the pajama pattern is on the 6th download called Molly's Pretty Cloths.

~ The Free Hat and Mitt pattern came from Many Small Friends

An open ended zipper

~ A coat to upcycle

~ fleece for the coat liner



Tips for upcycling

~ Wash the articles you are using to see if there are any parts you want to avoid, like stains or holes

~ In something like this project I will cut the whole coat apart at the seams.  Its easier to work with and causes me less anxiety for some reason.  

~ Mark with a pen instead of pinning.  If you are really unsure, mark with a grease pencil so it will come off if you need.

~  Mirror image!!  This one is important!  Pieces like the front and sleeves only work when they have a mirror image.  You need to draw one piece then flip over, draw the second piece.  I have done this wrong so many many.

~ Have fun, choose something you don't care about as your first few projects 


 On with the show!

I have cut apart the jacket and I am ready to start tracing my pattern pieces.  I will be using the front and back of the coat for the doll jacket, the sleeves will be the pants.

Its hard to see, but I have traced the left side back, I have flipped the pattern over and I am now tracing the right side back. Mirror your pieces.

I cut out the same pieces for the liner plus one strip for the collar (8" x 4")


I kind of got carried away sewing and forgot to take some pictures of putting it together, so let me fill you in.  

- Trace and cut out all outer fabric.  The lining of the upcycle jacket was worn so I cut out a liner from the bright pink.

- Sew shoulder seams

- Sew sleeve to main body matching the little markings

- Sew long seam of under arms and side seams.  

- Repeat for liner

- This way is much easier for doll clothes, then you aren't trying to finagle a super small sleeve into a super small sleeve hole.

- Put the outer and liner together wrong sides together, it should kind of look like a coat now.

Pictured in the photo above I am sewing on the cheater bias tape along the bottom hem.  Why is it cheater bias tape?  because I am taking advantage of the fact that fleece does not fray.  It is simply folded in half, the raw edge is showing.  I am ok with that.  




I cut the pieces out of the upcycled jacket and kept the faux fur to add later.  The lining of the original hood was in good condition so I used that.

 Remember to Mirror your pieces!  Very important.  I took the outer and liner apart and sewed them up so I had an outer shell and a liner shell.  

- I pinned the faux fur to the right side  of outer shell.  

- Placed right sides together for liner and outer shell.  

- Sew brim seam.  

- Turn right side out

- I like to stay stitch the bottom edge to stop all the layers from slipping around

Put the hood aside for a minute  


Time to install the zipper.  I didn't have any that where the perfect size, so I just cut this one an inch longer then the length I needed.  To stop the zip from coming off the end I tucked it into the collar and sew over top. This is explained more in the next step

- Take the collar piece and fold in half length wise with right sides together.  Sew the short seams at each end.  Leave the long bottom open.  Turn inside right.  


Now we sandwich the coat, hood and collar together.  The layers will go

- coat outer layer up

- hood liner up

-collar right side down only sewing one layer

What this will do is seat the hood properly (so the outside and inside are where they need to be) and place the collar so it will cover everything up.

Carefully sew through all those layers.  If its giving you a lot of trouble, stay stitch one layer at a time.  Go slow (even hand crank) over the zipper ends so you don't break a needle.

Woot woot! thats done, your almost there.


Bring the collar over top of the thick seam you just sewed, tuck in the zipper end into the collar, and hand sew the inside edge with an invisible stitch all the way across.  Here is a video tutorial if you have never done that before.

I suggest pinning the collar down before you start hand sewing.  

While you are in the hand sewing grove, stitch the wrist cuffs to the outer fabric with either an invisible stitch or running stitch, whatever tickles your fancy.


ok I didnt want to get to fancy so I just used some no fray along the raw edge by the zipper, in case this needs to go in the wash.

The coat is now done!  Pat yourself on the back cause that was the hard part.  The pants are much easier.


Snow Pants


I cut the liners and outers from the sleeves of the upcycled coat.  I was going to try to have that inner cuff inside the pant leg but ultimately said screw it cause it was making my brain hurt.  

 Recommendation is to pick it out and sew the seam back up.  Like so!

If you notice I am not worrying about the liner and outer as separate pieces.  I wanted to use existing finished cuff as the bottom of the pant to save a step or two.  So just fold over the pant legs, match the seams and sew up the inseam on both legs

Check to make sure the sewing grabbed all the layers or nothing is sticking out that shouldn't be.  

Serge the seam but try not to serge the cuffs, it will break your needle.


Check your serge seam, sometimes it doesn't catch everything.  Thats ok if it doesnt.

Apply Fray Check on the bits that didn't get serged.

Apply Fray Check to the bottom cuff raw edges as well.  Let it dry.


Turn one pant leg inside right.  Slide the one pant leg into the other so right sides are facing and inseams are matching. 

Clip/pin/hold whatever your method is, secure it together.  I am not a big pin fan, but all the slippery fabric is a head ache and the clips are pretty colours.

Sew and serge the crotch seam.  Now you are ready to turn inside right.


The top band can be finished a number of ways.  I like the fastest and whatever is handy.  I liked this wide elastic that isn't exactly fold over elastic but worked anyways.   For this method I measured and cut the exact measurement of the dolls waist, sewed together a half inch seam.  Fold in half and clip onto your raw pant top.



The mitts and hat are a fast sew.  Apparently I scanned over the tutorial and did not read that this pattern does not have seam allowance added. Oops :)   I cut out another pair and the fit was great.



And there you have it!  My daughter was super excited to see this in the morning.  I had a lot of fun making this pattern to share with all you fine folks.  


If you want to share your project you can upload to the facebook page or instagram #fabracadabrafabric.


Stay Crafty


~ Cassandra


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