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Freebie Friday

Free Pattern Friday!

Lets talk doll clothes.  They are super cute and a really important part of the imagination play…and for a small amount of fabric they can be pricey for mediocre quality.  I have made my fair share of doll clothes for Lily’s 18 inch doll, lovingly named Sweetie.  Most of the doll clothes I make are from free patterns so I thought I would share some of my favorites I have found.  I have also included some impressive paid patterns as well.


I used the pajamas from this collection to make these ones.


This is one of the dress patterns I used to make these dresses.


I haven't used these ones yet, however that blue dress is calling my name!

The first collection I found where these ones above, they are period clothing that can be made as is or make slight alternations to make a more modern look.  Doll clothes are the perfect project to try out something new!  It doesn't use up much fabric in case you mess up!  lol  All of the above patterns can be found here.

These cute scrubs are a free pattern available here.  Scrubs can cover a few professions, Doctor, nurse, registered practical nurse, psw and homemaker.  It all depends what print or solid you use.



Liberty Jane by Pixie Faire has a few other free patterns and paid patterns as well.  Find this one by clicking here.


I love the patterns that have a doll and me dress.  This may be my next sewing adventure for Lily and Sweetie!  How super cute are the Easter colours!  This is also a free pattern which is more of a tutorial, available here.



Free patterns are awesome for some basic shapes and to get started.  The paid patterns tend to be a bit more complex and have more attention to detail.  The one above is the doll version of the peppermint swirl dress (which I made the child dress to match)  There are the SAME amount of pieces to the skirt as the child version, which is a lot! Totally worth it though. You can find the doll pattern here and the child version here

Ohhhh man! I found this one while browsing in Pintrest!  The blue dress looks like it used the Belle Rose ball gown available on craftsy.  Sooooo dreamy!  



Squee!  The Cinderella dress!  This is from the same pattern shop as the Belle Dress above!  Find this one here


Please share your wonderful doll dress clothes you make on the Fabracadabra's Facebook page.


~ Cassandra

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