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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Ahh a fresh new year lays before us!  I love the feeling of renewal this time of year.  I am always ridiculously optimistic about the things I will achieve in the next 365 days.  One thing I am focusing on is sharing all the awesome sewing things I seek out in my personal sewing free patterns!  



Today is #FreePatternFriday

I am sharing my first pattern/tutorial I have ever published!  Lily loves her 18" doll, she named her Sweetie, which is super cute.  Over the last couple years I have made a lot of clothes for this doll and her cohort.  This one I am particularly proud of because the idea was entirely my own.  It didn't come from Pinterest!  


This tutorial uses an old snow suit.  I have provided a rough copy of the pattern I made.  




You can also check out how I altered an existing pattern to make the snowsuit here

I hope you enjoy this tutorial for upcycling.  Please share your master pieces on the Fabracadabra facebook page!






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