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Hi Again!


I am back with all new product lines.  This is a very exciting time for Fabracadabra, we have added some awesome highly sought after designer fabrics that are modern and fun (Click here to check them out), as well as we will have our own small line of exclusive fabrics.  While I love all fabric, the exclusive fabric is what gets me right in the feels.  There is so much that goes into finding the appropriate artist and getting their artwork to the finished product.  I hope you enjoy our exclusive Fabracadabra line as it emerges this year.


We have purse kits that include all the interfacing, hardware and pattern.  All you need to do is pick out some awesome fabric and zippers and you are set to sew!  You can check them out here.

Also happening this year, Fabracadabra is a vendor at the Powassan Farmers Market.  I will be sewing up bags and eco-friendly products like a mad woman and posting tonnes of photos.  Keep checking in because the first day I attend the market I will be doing a giveaway!  Follow the facebook page for more info.


I am excited to be back in the saddle and to have the shop open.  Keep up with all our new events by liking the facebook page.  


~ Cass 

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